About us


Top Car was established in 2014 in Riyadh as part of Wethaq International Group Ltd. From the beginning, we aimed to provide a wide range of leading and integrated solutions and services in the automotive sector in Saudi Arabia, whether for individuals, companies, government entities, or private institutions.


Since the first years of our work, we have succeeded in gaining trust and getting a remarkable position within the Saudi market, one of the largest automotive markets in the Middle East.


We had an ambitious philosophy that considered quality and customer satisfaction as the primary criterion for work. Company Management aims to attract outstanding national talents to work in our team, and we’re keen to develop a unique ' work environment that enables them to innovate. 



"To be the best multi-brand car dealer in GCC, Make car purchasing an awesome and enjoyable journey’’. 



"Focus on Customer’s Needs, to be a reliable advisor who delivers an Excellence and unique service in the purchasing process, to achieve customer satisfaction.


Providing suitable Vehicles, services, and solutions to customers by maintaining and improving 


effectiveness of operations, quality of products, and the efficiency of personnel".

We’re always looking to offer a unique experience that meets customers’ expectations, as they are essential partners in our success story.





Car Brands

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Why Choose us

Top Car is an authorized distributor of different car types & brands whether family, sport, or any other car type. We're looking to offer unique choices that match our customer's needs and tastes for all categories, whether individuals or institutions.

Low Prices
Competitive prices



Our prices are always competitive


We always strive to provide all types of cars at the best prices for our customers.

We also provide our customers with distinguished after-sales services such as thermal insulation services, nano-ceramics, protection films, and others.

Trusted Cars
Trusted Cars



What distinguishes Topcar is the trust of customers in it.


Through our work in the Saudi market for many years, we have built great trust between us and our valued customers. Which gave us great opportunities to develop, spread and succeed.


We currently have branches in several cities, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Jizan.

Quick Support
Quick Support



Our team is always at your service.


We provide our customers with many ways of communication, whether by calling the unified number of Topcar or communicating through the website or through our branches spread throughout the Kingdom.


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